The Brody Bunch – a birthday & baseball cards

The excitement of opening each pack and flipping through each card ... a great way to start a birthday morning around the breakfast table.
Baseball cards… a treasure in each pack.


The Brody Bunch celebrates a Birthday with Baseball Cards

Today our first born child turned 14.  This measurement of time is a combination of the days being so long and the years going by quickly bridged with many blessings. The World is better off thanks to our beautiful, sweet, smart, funny, athletic and wise soul of a child.  I have learned a lot in 14 years, including gratitude and simplicity.

Four kids in puberty at once

The experience of living with four children each one year apart and the journey of four puberties at once is something that either a terrorist can relate to or someone with Stockholm Syndrome survives.

Celebrating a 14th birthday

How do you celebrate a 14th birthday?  We stopped renting moon bounce party spaces after year 2.  Four kids with such festivities in rentals alone would cost $2500 per year.  After the euphoric high of a Bar Mitzvah just a year ago and friends away for summer excursions, how would we ring in the 14th year?  A big and loud family dinner celebration splashed with laughter and a few friends met our needs…but the birthday morning at breakfast is one for the memory bucket.  

Using the former Tooth Fairy’s leftover loot

Between finding remnants of the Tooth Fairy’s baseball card collection coupled with finding baseball cards at Goodwill while donating our clutter, circa 1988 – 1993 baseball cards made for a magical morning.  The look of the birthday boy and his brother along with their Dad ripping apart Topps packaging gave me great hope that the teenage struggles will have an ending, one day.

Oohs and Aahs

Time spent opening packs, oohing and aahing over baseball legends of the past, and meticulously sorting each card by team in alphabetical order, led to one of the best mornings I have been part of in a long time.  We didn’t go broke for the cost of celebrating, and we didn’t collect more clutter.  We shared a simple experience.  My heart bursts with simple happiness.

Sampling 1988 gum is like a first ever shot of liquor.

Like a frat idea, the kids and Mark bravely sampled the stick of gum in the 1988 pack and their reactions were nothing short of a first time shot of Whiskey.  We laughed at the wrapper marketing for a chance to win an all expense paid trip to the 1989 Spring Training Camp.  Despite this expired offer, we felt like winners.  We were winners in the love department of just being together.

An American Pastime

Baseball cards, an American pastime, still at the cost of the loose change in your pocket, can bring so much happiness, and it did.

While the cards have no monetary value, the experience with the cards is priceless.

Blessings of a Birthday, time with Grandparents

Our son also had the blessing of being able to spend his birthday with all four of his Grandparents.  It was a grand slam for everyone.

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