The Brody Bunch – (over) Packing for an adventure


Brody Bunch – Packing for Six

It’s not normal, but it is my normal.  For 9 days at the beach, we probably just need the essentials of a swimsuit, underwear and a toothbrush, times six people.  Somehow, packing for the beach from the summers when my brother and I were young and squeezed into the back of the family car along with our 3 yapping and medicated dogs has evolved into a whole new beast with my own children and no dogs.

The Brody Bunch has transformed the packing experience into the need for driving two big cars filled with our first world essentials including:

  • bedding –  we don’t have to wash the house sheets when we depart. Genius concept!
  • sports equipment
  • camera gear
  • non-perishable goods from our pantry inventory
  • toilet paper to be gracious by restocking the paper goods
  • enough hair products to cover a beauty pageant
  • cheap beach toys that we lug back and forth each summer
  • journals & books
  • saved arcade prize tickets from trips past
  • and so much more

All of the “important” items such as sunscreen, hats, underwear and coffee beans have been crossed referenced with my packing charts which I update each year. Some of the kids request packing guidelines, and still bring everything except the kitchen sink. “Surprisingly”, several times throughout the trip, we have to run out and purchase items we left at home.  After this tremendous effort of organized chaos, our favorite possessions are lovingly shoved into our “fancy” IKEA bags and other reusable bags which is really the Brody Bunch family luggage.

Truth be told that when we look back on our vacation pictures, everyone wears the same two shirts for the trip duration, despite that we bring laundry detergent and a plethora of options for all situations. I recognize that with the “help” of our 10 year doing our laundry, by choice, that I really packed mildew scented clothing at best.

Packing for the journey is Phase 1 of every Brody Bunch adventure.

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