The Brody Bunch – Grounded!


The Offense – Sass & ‘tude

After a lot of sass and attitude, our Blanche was grounded for the weekend.  Her girl crew extended social invitations which came directly to me, because her electronic devices were confiscated.  The invitations were swiftly declined.  Blanche and I would quickly learn that grounding Brody Bunch way, is not meant like the classical textbook way.

Night 1 of Grounding – a reward from earlier in the week

Friday Night – I moved our planned Sunday night Brody Bunch “thank you” dinner to Friday because we were invited to our friends’ house for a post Bat Mitzvah celebration in Blanche’s honor scheduled for Sunday night. This “thank you” dinner that I organized was in recognition of the Brody Bunch having a strong start to the new school year, about 32 hours, of back to school success: easy bedtime routines, easy morning routines, good family logistics, help around the house, etc.  And, I love eating out.  So, after shuttling her brothers to Little League scrimmages, we were treated like VIPs in our favorite Indian restaurant.

Day 2 of Grounding – cookies and shopping

Saturday – after lounging around the house in the morning, Blanche joined me for her sister’s soccer game. She was hungry.  While I prefer supporting local cafes, diners and dives, Blanche and Leo really wanted a specific franchise for subs.  This travel soccer game took us to a new neighborhood, but since I wasn’t eating, I agreed to their preferred (and cheap) choice.  Though, we would discover that I did not understand the ordering process and I tried for about six minutes to add a drink and chips to qualify for the $6 lunch special.  Apparently, we didn’t order correctly for the deal, as their sandwiches on club bread, were NOT club sandwiches.  The sweet club sandwich maker wanted me to know that I may not understand her English.  I felt like a jerk.  I insisted that it was ME and not her as she did speak English beautifully, that I just didn’t understand the pricing structure. She rang us up and ironically, the cost WAS the same as the deal I was trying to secure.  The cashier gave my kids free cookies for the confusion that I created.  

Late Saturday Afternoon – Blanche, her sister and I went shopping, all day.  We had such fun.  From bras to beef jerky to a new soccer water cooler, lots of gum, a new hermit crab, warm fuzzy pajamas, a throw rug and new school shorts, the girls were full of gratitude with lots of stamina.  It was a perfect girls’ day of togetherness.

Night 2 of Grounding – dinner and giggles

Saturday Night – Siri maps led us on a wild ride home.  So, I finally meandered back into the old neighborhood and at 10PM we were giggling and laughing over Chinese Food. Followed by heartburn.

Night 3 of Grounding – dinner with family friends

Sunday – After sleeping in late, and perhaps studying the 50 states for a geography quiz while listening to her teeny bopper music uninterrupted, Blanche was showered with gifts and a dinner in her honor.

The weekend of grounding came to a close.  Blanche had such a pretty smile, “I should get grounded more often!  This was the best weekend ever!” I am no disciplinarian.  I warned you in my first blog that this is NOT an advice column blog, but I know that I did something right: the sassiness and attitude melded into gratitude, laughs and good times. 

We called it “grounding” – and in the end, we were grounded with love, laughs and we were back to where we needed to be

So, maybe my way works, it did for 72 hours, we were able to get back to a place where we needed to be…we were re-grounded.  It’s hard being a tween, a badass and a good person all at one time … but she is my mini-me.  I have an edge, am a badass and a good person.  Sometimes I just want to be surrounded by the people who can help ground me, too… it gives me strength to carry on.  I hope that Blanche is grounded again, and soon, which is very likely since attitude and sass is part of what makes her the person she is and I love her very much.  Clearly, grounded is all about perspective – it doesn’t have to be a bad thing because, even though “grounded” became the family joke and new code for good times, we are grounded once again. 

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