The Brody Bunch – The Wallet


“The Difference Between Man and Animal is the Ability to Accessorize” said someone

No one has better accessories than my mom. Bangles, bracelets, sunglasses, scarves, hats, purses and wallets. OMG I just realized that I accessorize like her.  Her acquired collection is comprised of finds from the old Baltimore Field’s counter, Bloomingdale’s, Chinatown (when it was really good) and Blanche’s Fashions (my beloved Grandmother’s boutique).

Four Generations of My Family Likes Wallets

Yesterday, I mentioned that Rachel, 11, wants a very specific wallet, she actually wants the one that I have.  Rachel is like me and pretty specific about her trinkets and treasures.  I would be willing to give Rachel my wallet if I found something that I love to replace it. My mother said that she might have something.  She brought me into a closet filled with the most organized boxes and boxes filled with accessories which would be mine for the taking. We found the exact wallet and color that Rachel wanted. And, I found sunglasses and other trinkets for myself.  One little dainty gold wallet lined with a hot pink fabric stood out. I would never use it, but it was the one item that really stopped me in my treasure grabbing. I think I remembered the wallet from when I was very young. I know that I had seen this before. I opened it, and it was empty.  I smelled it. It smelled like something I remembered and I teared up. I could smell my grandmother’s perfume.

My Mom Gave Her Granddaughter a Wallet, and I received a strong memory of my Grandmother

After generously letting me have anything I deemed as a new treasure, my mother gently said, “well let’s put that wallet away. I’m not really ready to part with it even though I don’t use it. It was from Grandma Blanche.” My mother held onto something from my Grandmother from many, many years ago. I started to put it back in the box, and my mom told me that I should just take it home with my other things. I cried.  I’ve cried before because I’ve had an empty wallet. But this time, I cried because the empty wallet from my Grandmother to my Mother to Me is just the fullest wallet I have ever had.

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