The Brody Bunch – I Need A Time Out


“Man Cave”. Hiding Space.  MY Space. My Time Out.

It was a long time before I was discovered “hiding” in the bathroom.  I have a great set up: a seat (other than the toilet), nutrition bars for sustenance, and a cup for water. The air conditioning is strong, the heat is comfortable, and the WiFi is reliable. There is even a soothing fan humming in the light fixture which is zen like in keeping out the occasional “MOM, I NEED….” problems simply because I cannot hear them.  If I plan ahead, I bring in fresh coffee.  On occasion I have searched Amazon, while in the bathroom, so that I could purchase a Keurig machine for my bathroom. I drink my coffee black so this is a real possibility since milk refrigeration is a non issue.  A coffee machine in the bathroom, brilliant!  I am so easy to please.  I created what society recognizes as a “Man’s Cave” for myself and it’s MY space. The Brody Bunch is an intense and loud group and sometimes I need a time out.  And, sometimes, during my time out, I look at old digital pictures, listen to my favorite music, watch This is Us or read trash websites. Most of the time, I reflect and find the humor in the moment and blog, post, document and share it.

The Brody Bunch is Banished from the Master Bathroom

I banished my entire family, the whole Brody Bunch, from the master bedroom bathroom. I can’t remember if empty toilet paper rolls, pee pee on the floor, the toilet not flushed, or my empty shampoo bottles pushed me over the edge.  But I banished everyone, including my husband, from using this bathroom.  My dirty clothes are no longer commingled with sweaty workout clothes or grass stained baseball pants. Though, now I do own that the hairs on the floor are my own. Once in a while I clean up their bathroom but complain minimally as to not encourage any of them to creep back into my bathroom.  

I Accidentally Announced My Brilliant Idea on Facebook

A lot of quiet time went by with me in the bathroom.  I would announce that I had to go to the bathroom and that was it!  After many successful breaks in the bathroom, I erred with a Facebook posting when I announced during a blizzard, that all was going well because my family thought I was in the bathroom, constipated.  However, I had snacks and was really watching a movie online.  Also, I might have had a mini, or two, and my husband was checking Facebook.  Thanks to Jose Cuervo and Facebook, I outed myself.

Rule Breakers, Evidence Left Behind

I try not complaining when evidence appears in my “Cave” such as the toilet seat is left up, someone cut their nails over the sink, or toilet paper is depleted. While clues are obvious that a Brody Bunch member crossed into the land of my sanity, I can’t give into their bad coverups of using my bathroom, because I am afraid they will freely use the amenities rather than sneak an occasional visit. Yes, they are rule breakers, I am okay with rule breakers, but it gets on my nerves. This unspoken bathroom battle lives on because I have nowhere else to hide and rejuvenate from the Brody Bunch.  

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