The Brody Bunch – One Goes Camping


See Ya!  Have Good Travels

Today I said goodbye to my younger daughter as she and her 6th grade class embarks on a four day camping trip.  She asked me to go with her. I am a lucky one, receiving such a request.  Though I would hate being in the great outdoors, I value that she asked her Mommy to be with her.  I struggled like most working moms compounded by her three siblings’ overly active extra curricular activities and didn’t know how to accommodate her request, time is not my friend.  I offered to attend for a day, maybe overnight, though that would not pan out, it’s a real struggle.  The response was something along the lines of “I want you to come because you take great pictures and I will be very busy with the ropes course, being on the Bay, and doing other amazing things.”  She didn’t want her mommy, she wanted a photographer.  She has grown up with me documenting her experiences, almost daily.  But, my ego was slightly bruised as a mother, even though flattered as a photographer.

The I-Generation, disposable cameras – what is film?

We packed her up for the her journey, and it was nothing short of packing her for a backpacking trip across Europe. Packing and missing her just caused me to be a hot mess.  In my camera’s absence, she received a disposable camera. I am not sure why these camera are still produced, but it was like time traveling back into the 1980s with modern questions from an I-Generation kid including: “what do you mean I have to advance film?  What are exposures?  I only have 27 pictures over four days?  We have to wait to see the pictures?”  That all sounds correct for a child born after the invention of digital cameras, hence the I-Generation.

Packed A Love Note, with a Goodnight Prayer

I packed a love note in her suitcase.  While I already miss her terribly, I told her in the letter how excited I am for her adventures.  And, I wrote the Shema prayer.  This is a prayer in Hebrew that is often sang to children before they go to sleep.  We have sang her this prayer every night since she was in preschool.  It’s been years. Like mother, like daughter. Rachel said to me, “You have a lot of friends chaperoning this trip.  Do not text them the Shema prayer so that they can read it to me or try singing it to me.”  And she laughed.  Little did she know that I tucked it into her suitcase!  Prayers should probably be offered to the parents who signed up to do this camping trip.  Hats off to them!

I am Responsible for SHELdon the Hermit Crab

As we were rushing out the door to catch the bus, I was given clear instructions regarding how to care for her Hermit Crab, SHELdon.  I feel a lot of pressure, but I marked it on my calendar as a high level appointment.  SHELdon has to continue living through this week under my watch.

She is Prepared.  I Miss Her.

While missing Rachel, sending her off with a disposable camera and a love note, and carrying the responsibilities of caring for her hermit crab, I am ready for her to come back!  As of this writing, they haven’t even had lunch, yet.

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