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Every home should have creative supplies

An Art Space in Your Home Fosters Creativity

I found myself in my messy art closet. Ribbons, markers, beads, buttons, fabrics, Popsicle sticks, stickers, paint, yarn and more. I read that it’s important to have an art space in your home to foster creative habits. Art is a value in my home.

When our kids were little, we spent countless hours painting, making puppets, gluing, and drawing.  Our art wasn’t outstanding, but it was our art made with heART. We had meaningful conversations and listened to great music while we were creating art and it kept little hands busy.  Yet, school projects, team sports, screen time and kids growing up cut into our family’s art time. And, sadly, without realizing, our artistic projects stopped. Then markers dried out, paints got too thick and frayed ribbons were no longer so pretty.

It’s Okay to Mix Up Art Supplies

I learned from my then toddler daughter that it’s okay to mix up ALL of the art supplies.  Initially, everything was meticulously sorted, but in a nano second, she dumped all of the supplies together. This chaos was out of my comfort zone.  I quickly learned that mixed up art supplies was a transferable life lesson. I learned to be flexible: If I couldn’t find string, I was happy using rhinestones instead.  

Display and Store or Recycle and Let It Go

A LOT of their early kid art hangs in our home.  And, too many storage boxes house years of their creative treasures. I photographed many art projects and made coffee table books of their work.  When our youngest son was 5, he found photographed art work in the recycling can and proclaimed, “Mommy keeps our things here so they will be safe!”  Sigh. I wish I could keep their art forever. But we can’t.  Letting go of their creative work is hard.  I have not done a good job of letting it go.

However, I decided it was time to tackle our untidy art closet. I manically parted with old glitter glues, fabric scraps, ribbon pieces, baubles and other fancy art remnants (aka trash) because my kids no longer sit around with me making puppets, sock monkeys or other treasures.  This purging experience reminded me that my little kids grew older. They don’t want to make puppets and use them to entertain me with make-believe shows anymore. My heART aches that time moves too fast.  I have such good memories of creating art with each of my kids.

We can all be Artists

Our art closet is tidy and thinned out for now. In my opinion, creative people are problem solvers, have empathy and appreciate the small things.  I saved some supplies for a rainy day. Buttons, beads, fabric, love and creativity … we can all be artists.

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